Central Va Flyers

Welcome to BullsEye Flyers

We are a small family business that delivers your advertising to 4,405 homes ($540.00) in select subdivisions in the Mechanicsville area.

Types of materials delivered include:

  • flyers
  • neighborhood directories
  • brochures
  • catalogs
  • menus
  • coupons
  • post cards
  • RSVP cards
  • political advertisements
  • neighborhood or home owners' associations
  • announcements
You select the areas you want to target. We pick up the flyers, either from you or the printer, at no cost to you. We offer a 10% discount for churches and non-profits.

Deliveries are completed in the identified areas during a specific week of each month. Please see our Delivery Areas and Pricing page to see the list of subdivisions and prices. We want your materials to be in the best condition possible so we do not deliver during inclement weather. We guarantee delivery only during a specific week, but not on a specific day.
I am a member of the The Barter Authority and the The Barter Card